Wedding and Engagement Rings

It’s the day you’ve been waiting for; you get to the alter and pronounce your vows, and it’s time for the best man to present the wedding rings, he pats his top pockets then his bottom pockets and you stare at him with a nervous glare hoping he has not forgotten or lost one of the most important items for your wedding, the rings! But there they are in his inside pocket and he passes them over to you and a look of relief washes over your face!

Engagement rings are the be all and end all to any wedding, they are typically more simple gold, platinum or silver bands and it is the engagement ring that has the diamonds.  However, some men like to spoil a woman and get her a wedding ring that sparkles with diamonds, as well. Like they say diamonds are a girl’s best friend!  Wedding rings are usually exchanged on the bride and groom’s fingers at the end of the vows right before the first kiss as man and wife.

The wedding bands symbolize unity and a constant circle of life.  The ring will be a reminder of the love you and your partner share as you journey together through life, thick and thin, sickness and health, richer or poorer, and everything else in between.  Although there may be rocky roads along your journey, you will still be on this journey together, as a support to the one you love, and the circle will continue! Some grandmothers or mothers pass their wedding rings down to their granddaughters or daughters as a symbol of love and friendship.  This can be a treasured jewel for years as a family memorabilia.

Wedding rings are typically bought from a jeweler but they can be purchased second hand or even on the internet.  The important thing is to do your research!  If you don’t know exactly what to look for, seek advice from family, friends, the internet, or a local jeweler.  The most important part of the wedding is saying “I do” then slipping that ring onto the finger of the person you love, knowing that you will spend the rest of your life with them.  No day is more special than your wedding day!  Make it memorable, and do your homework about rings beforehand!

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